A & J DesignWorks was founded in 2015 by Avantika Agarwal (after a few months of naming panic which resulted in picking the most nondescript thing possible). Since, the studio has grown, and works with clients from various fields, both in India and abroad.

We enjoy creative problem solving, and don't favour any particular medium to express our process. As such, our portfolio includes designing physical products and their packaging, branding and brand strategy, websites and mobile apps and custom furniture and installations. We have worked across industries including healthcare, food tech, consumer electronics, real estate, etc. 

Our experience also included end to end manufacturing and production. Apart from a number of custom furniture commissions through A&J, Avantika has launched her own home lifestyle brand (www.other-kingdom.com) with partners, Jess Fugler & Tino Seubert, based in New York and London respectively. O-K combines industrial techniques and material finished with traditional craft processes, and is currently available online, and through select design stores in Bangalore, London, Berlin and New York. 



Pacific Psychotherapy Technologies / Shoonya / Atchayam's Food Box / Altum Tea Company / Maia Estates / Apollo Agriculture / Universal Textile Mills / Lounge Hospitality / Reap Benefit / Essmart / Morning Fresh / La Baggio / DART technologies / Wright Bedding / Fortnum & Mason / Cowrks by RMZ Corp / Lumos Techonology / Happy Healthy Me / Kwik 24 / Querencia / CueLearn Pvt Ltd / Lagom Labs

exhibitions and other stuff we've been up to

Other Kingdom debuts at Sight Unseen Offsite! - May 2016
showing reweave at the great recovery - Victoria & Albert museum, September 2014
bigsmall show 2014 -  London, September 2014
sight unseen & L'ArcoBaleno cover my work at the big small show

MoOD exhibition, along with Global Colour Research -  Brussels, September 2014
feast automata, in-store Fortnum and Mason exhibitionSeptember - October 2014
construct-de-construct, Droog Hotel - July-August 2014
show RCA 2014 - my final graduation show - June 2014 January 2014