detail of installation of coloured wood tiles at RCA final show 2014

detail of coloured wooden tile installation, show RCA 2014

dreaming in CMYK

this project challenges the way designers normally apply colour to interior and exterior spaces, through a return to a more playful, instinctive and elemental application. combining two independent process, wood charring as a finish and processed CMYK printing as a means to colour, CMYK pigment is melted on wood to create vibrant finishes.

designers are used to picking colours in a clinical fashion - chemically mixed CMYK, added through a precise mechanical method such as printing, or powder coating. studying the way Indian culture celebrates colour, I started thinking, what if I was to make my project about the application of CMYK to colour our architectural environments, but in a completely unexpected manner? 

the floor as canvas for pure colour has a cultural precedent. In the ancient Indian tradition of Rangoli, the women of the home would every morning draw patterns using pure colour powders in the entranceway as a welcome and blessing, taking pride in this daily ritual of ornamentation. inspired by this intuitive and natural application of colour in homes, i started powdering pigments to create patterns on surfaces. experimentation with solid CMYK toner pigment, lead to my discovery of the toner as a wood finish due to it's waxy nature. as with Rangoli, a primitive and unpretentious celebration of colour, here colour finds purpose through application. colour is no longer a cosmetic after thought, it is the central element. Its significance is literally seared into the design.

left. colour mixing experimentation on pine

full length installation of wooden tiles and shelf at RCA final show 2014

above left. individual tiles
above right. detail of shelf



video of process