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Nua (

Product / Brand / Graphic / Packaging / Web design
Mumbai, July 2017


Nua: (Old Irish) New

Logo relevance to brand: To convey the idea of a cycle, or flow acknowledging that Nua as a brand, is synced to and understand its consumers’ unique needs.

Logo values: Simple, soothing and a muted colour palette engender a calm and stress free feel.

Nua is a feminine care start-up committed to making that time of the month less stressful by trying to address all the paint points and irritations women encounter during their period. We were approached to design the branding, packaging, visual language, website as well as define a photography style for the brand. 

The challenge in this exercise was disrupting an age-old industry which was over-crowded with large, trusted brands. We had to develop a brand language that engendered feelings of comfort while effectively communicating the product's value proposition, in order to convince the audience to try something new. 



070617-Nua - Packagning-06.jpg

Packaging design for Nua pads.


Graphic elements developed for the brand.


Photography style developed for the Nua website and social media posts.