Installation design
Bangalore, September 2016


Palmistree, was an immersive installation created in collaboration with Marlene Steyn, at at Shoonya Centre for Somatic Practices in Bangalore. Bridging the worlds of art and design, we hoped to raise and answer questions relating to the boundaries between the two worlds. For example, when does something stop being considered art, and instead be labeled as design and vice versa? Through using rhythm and balance established from repeating pattern, complementary colours and recurring imagery leaping from flat surfaces to house hold objects, we sought to create a world where boundaries were blurred and ideas were merged. 

This immersive installation was inspired by the local vegetation and architecture. Flapping palm trees outside the space inspired a layered design of repeated palms using drawing as a starting point. The repetition of the leaves in turn inspired a range of tiles that became the building blocks for furniture, posters and wall cladding. The imagery of the leaves in turn inspired objects such as planters and wall hooks.