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Image of a Two Chairs clinic in San Fransisco, also designed by us

Two Chairs

Brand / Website design
San Francisco, January 2017


Two chairs is rethinking mental health services by building a modern practice from the ground up in San Francisco. We have worked with them since their inception, working closely with their founder Alex Katz, to develop their brand, identity, communication, website, and most recently, to design their first physical clinic. Find below the development of their brand language. 



Two Chairs:  The name was chosen to give importance to the intimacy of conversation taking place between two people seated across from each other. We created their logo based on the idea that therapy should be as simple and intimate as two people sitting across from each other.  

Logo relevance to brand: The iconography is an abstraction of two chairs sitting opposite each other

Logo values: Simple, recongizable, the icon can be separated and used by itself

Brand colours: We chose a soothing and warm colour palette. Shown on the right. 

TC colour palette.001.jpeg

Graphic elements developed for Two Chairs


Website design